CHÁN BY ALAN CHAN Oriental Tea Perfume Collection, a collaboration between legendary French perfumers Maurice Roucel, Emilie Coppermann and designer Alan Chan, unveils three new fragrances Oolong Tea, Mint Tea and Hōjicha with a total of 1,200 limited units in November 2019.

The collection reflects Alan’s passion as a tea branding design expert for 50 years. The fragrances surround the theme of Oriental tea, Mint Tea from Middle East to East Asian Chinese Oolong Tea and Japanese Hōjicha. The fragrance packaging has an ‘East Meets West’ touch - the French style black bottle labeled with tea leaves silhouettes is set with wooden case handcrafted in Japan.

"I’ve always wanted to create a perfume inspired by tea, representing Japanese Zen aesthetics yet with Parisian charm." -- Alan Chan

2018年首次推出CHÁN BY ALAN CHAN 兩款普洱茶和桂花伯爵綠茶香水後,2019年再度跨界與法國傳奇調香師Maurice Roucel及Emilie Coppermann合作推出CHÁN BY ALAN CHAN 3款新香味,包括烏龍茶、薄荷茶及焙茶。2019年1114日在香港正式發表,限量1,200個

CHÁN BY ALAN CHAN茶香水系列,傳達陳幼堅50年來對茶文化在品牌推廣與設計上的奉獻和熱愛,這次特地精選中東的薄荷茶及東亞洲的中國烏龍茶與日本焙茶。由Alan自行設計的新香水包裝也帶有東西融合的情調,法式風格的漆黑瓶身標貼勾劃出3種茶葉輪廓,搭配日本手工木盒,體現當代茶文化的簡約禪意。

陳幼堅:「我一直想以中國茶為靈感,創造一種東方香味,但又不失巴黎香水的魅力。命名 CHÁN = 禪+茶+陳,因為喝茶對我來說是一種 “禪” 的生活狀態。」


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