MY JAPLAN 我的日記 (2nd edition)

MY JAPLAN 我的日記 (2nd edition)

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Japan’s fast-growing cityscape, design-driven culture, and well-preserved traditional craft and wisdom have been giving so much inspiration for Alan Chan's design and art career path since his first visit to the design capital of Asia – Tokyo in 1975.

Recommended by Ikko Tanaka, Alan's work for the “Hello Hong Kong” promotional campaign at Seibu Department Store in 1987 marked a profound milestone on his journey in Japan. It continued with many other clients and organisations in Japan, both on commercial or non-commercial basis, from property developer to pachinko game centre, from banking corporation to bottled drinks, from meditation box to thermometer…as well as contemporary Chinese tea houses under Alan's name (MR CHAN).

In the recent decade, Alan has collaborated with Japanese architects and interior designers on some of my projects in Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China and Malaysia, delivering together creative work with the beauty and essence of Asian design, culture and ethical spirit.

In this 1152-page journal, readers can view Alan's photos during his past travels in Japan and other memories. Now available online worldwide.
  • Title: MY JAPLAN 我的日記
  • Publisher: Alan Chan Design Company
  • Edition: second edition
  • Hardcover: 1,152 pages
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 94(W) x 144(L) x 85(H)mm
  • ISBN: 978-988-12897-0-4


Alan Chan 陳幼堅 的設計及藝術作品長期受日本所啟發,不論是傳統工藝或創新設計方面,加上近年 Alan 密切與許多日本建築師及室內設計師合作多項於亞洲各地的創意項目,更加發展出獨特的東方美學。

1,152 頁的「日」記,記載自 1980 年代開始,與眾多日本設計師的設計及藝術交流、合作項目與珍貴私人相片;該獨立出版發行改版第二刷,全球網上發售。

  • 書名:我的日記
  • 出版/發行:陳幼堅設計公司
  • 版本:第二版
  • 頁數:1,152 頁
  • 語言:英文
  • 商品尺寸:94(W) x 144(L) x 85(H)mm
  • 發行編號 (ISBN): 978-988-12897-0-4